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Hooray For Hat ! ( or hats !!)

Hooray for hat

At Crafty Stories, writing in books is  a definate no, no.  We would never dream of doing such a thing or encourage  anybody else to.  And here lies the dilema.   ‘Hooray for Hat’  by Brian Won  is a  delightful story book about 6 animals, their friendship and the joys of wearing a hat.  The illustrations are lovely and the simple, repetitive  text makes it particulary appealing to young children  (2-5 years).  There are  lots of opportunities  to join in, aswell as the chance to make some pretty fab hats afterwards .  You could say it’s the perfect Crafty Stories book.  So what’s  the problem.  Here goes.   Everytime we read the book we want to shout  out Hooray for Hats.  Hooray for Hat  just doesn’t seem to trip off the tongue quite  so well!  This book is far to nice to be consigned  to the unloved pile, so do we add a sneaky ‘s’  in our bestest handwriting, using a matching felt tip, hoping that our young audience will not notice .  After all hand lettering is very much in vougue at the moment.

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