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The Lion Inside

the lion inside


It is often said the best things in life are worth waiting for.  This is definitely true of today’s book, ’The Lion Inside’ written by Rachel Bright and beautifully illustrated by Jim Field.  Originally published in hard back last year it is now available in paperback, and what a treat it is! This is a great book to share.  Here’s why…

As picture books go it’s pretty big. The copy in my hand measures 24cm x 30cm.  The illustrations are wonderful.  Remember “Oi Frog, well it’s the same artist!  Particularly stunning are the double page spreads, of which there are several.  Even children sat at the back will have no trouble seeing.   The story is set in Africa and features a little mouse that is desperate to be noticed. If only I could roar like a lion and off he sets. It’s a tale every one can relate to, and will be particularly useful for those children who require a little confidence boost.  The story rhymes throughout and is very reminiscent of ‘Giraffes Don’t Dance’.  Another great book!

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